InfraVent Therapy was developed 20 years ago in Europe and has been proven beneficial for preventing injuries, conditioning and healing. This therapeutic device improves overall fitness and conditioning, expedites healing for soft tissue injuries and reduces stiffness. Common applications include: arthritis; muscle spasms; sprains, strains and joint stiffness; post exercise pain relief

Following our prescribed program, InfraVent Therapy can provide your canine or equine partner with long-lasting positive results.


A safe, effective and painless therapy, the EQUltrasound is revolutionary for the treatment of several canine muscular, articular and tendinous conditions, including: muscle strains, contractures and chronic muscle pathologies; tendon injuries, calcifications and tendinitis; ligament injuries and inflammation; splints, microfractures and osteoarthritis.

The EQUltrasound uses diathermy and mechanical vibration to penetrate injury sites and remove waste substances that can build up. As a portable system, we can implement its use at our facility or bring it to you to provide comfort in a familiar setting. It is 100% painless and can improve joint mobility, reduce pain and soften scar tissue in a non-invasive way. The integrative deep heat therapy causes a thermal effect with minimal rising of skin temperature and allows for a natural resolution of pathologies by stimulating the auto-repair processes.

"Our cockapoo Mattie was diagnosed with an ACL problem & surgery was mentioned. I knew of another dog that had been helped with his ACL problem and had avoided surgery with the water treadmill. So Mattie started therapy, she loved it from the get go. Having another dog go in the tank with her gave her confidence, now she jumps right in. Allysa always asked how she was doing and took note of how she was going, if there were any problems, and would adjust her time in the tank accordingly. At this point she is good and surgery is not in her future. A very positive experience for all."

We also cater to competition canines and have proven results in conditioning active sporting breeds. Our AquaPacer, TheraPlate, EQUltrasound and Infravent therapies help heal your canine partner and take them to the next competitive level.



AquaPacer by Ferno

The AquaPacer underwater treadmill uses hydrostatic pressure and resistance to heal a multitude of conditions. It reduces swelling and discomfort of strained tendons and muscle tears and is proven to be an effective treatment for post-surgical rehabilitation of cruciate, ACL and similar conditions. For canines recovering from post-surgical injuries, a regimented program with the AquaPacer will reduce recovery time by 50% by combining rehabilitation and conditioning. For conditioning purposes, the underwater treadmill system increases cardiovascular development and promotes correct posture with a balanced gait. This low-impact rehabilitation results in a conditioned, evenly toned animal partner and helps prevent future injuries.

Susie Roush and Mattie

CANINE therapy

As many horse owners can attest, where there are horses, there are usually dogs. Our furry companions are our best friends and family members, and their well-being is a major concern.

Our prescribed therapies are proven effective to treat your canine partner’s ailment, from soft tissue to bone injuries. With an impressive success rate, we implement a unique approach with an integrative program to see your dog through the healing process.

Regina Preciado

"I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with my aging Labrador Retriever, Jedi. Our vet is impressed with his health and fitness and has recommended West Coast Equine Sports Therapy to other clients whose dogs are aging or facing surgery or arthritis."

Guaranteeing safety and performance, the EQUltrasound produces a more effective and deeper action for faster recovery in the treatment of your equine or canine partner.



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The TheraPlate is a revolutionary technology using Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation to prevent and heal injuries as well as condition canine partners. By following our consistent program, this unique therapy can provide a host of benefits, including: increasing bone density and muscle mass; promoting joint mobility and flexibility; healing therapy for ACL and ligament issues;  and pain and tension relief. The TheraPlate offers natural, drug free pain relief while cutting recovery time by 50%. As a portable system, we can implement its use at our facility or bring it to you to provide comfort in a familiar setting. This innovative technology provides a non-invasive way to rehabilitate and condition dogs in a relaxing manner.