A safe, effective and painless therapy, the EQUltrasound is revolutionary for the treatment of several equine and canine muscular, articular and tendinous conditions, including: muscle strains, contractures and chronic muscle pathologies; tendon injuries, calcifications and tendinitis; ligament injuries and inflammation; splints, microfractures and osteoarthritis.

The EQUltrasound uses diathermy and mechanical vibration to penetrate injury sites and remove waste substances that can build up. As a portable system, we can implement its use at our facility or bring it to you to provide comfort in a familiar setting. It is 100% painless and can improve joint mobility, reduce pain and soften scar tissue in a non-invasive way. The integrative deep heat therapy causes a thermal effect with minimal rising of skin temperature and allows for a natural resolution of pathologies by stimulating the auto-repair processes.

Equi FlexSleeve

Replacing cumbersome standing wraps, the Equi FlexSleeve allows heat to dissipate while reducing joint swelling and wind puffs. As a joint support/compression sleeve, it prevents stocking up while providing support and comfort for tired legs without immobilizing joints. As swelling decreases, Equi FlexSleeve stays in position resulting in a wrap that can stay on your horse for longer periods of time.

AquaPacer by Ferno

The AquaPacer underwater treadmill uses hydrostatic pressure and resistance to heal a multitude of conditions. It reduces swelling and discomfort of strained tendons and muscle tears and is proven to be an effective treatment for tendinitis, cellulitis, bowed tendons and wind puffs. For an equine recovering from post-surgical injuries, a regimented program with the AquaPacer will reduce recovery time by 50% by combining rehabilitation and conditioning. For conditioning purposes, the underwater treadmill system increases cardiovascular development and promotes correct posture with a balanced gait. This low-impact rehabilitation results in a conditioned, evenly toned animal partner and helps prevent future injuries.

equine therapy

West Coast Equine Sports Therapy is a facility focused on the rehabilitation and conditioning of equine partners. Almost 10 years ago, we decided to direct our extensive knowledge of horses into the improvement of the physical and mental equine state by purchasing the AquaPacer by Ferno, a revolutionary underwater treadmill which utilizes the natural healing powers of water. With dedicated passion and proven success, we’ve assisted in the healing and conditioning of many horses in a multitude of disciplines using our prescribed therapeutic program.

Today, we offer an impressive array of therapies with technologically advanced equipment. Our expansive program employs the TheraPlate, Priefert PanelWalker, EQUltrasound, Infravent and GameReady systems to achieve optimal health for your horse. Through our program, your equine partner will reach their mental and physical peak and be prepared for success in all fields of competition.

"When I first heard about WCEST I was so happy to finally have a place to take my horse to get fixed. You see he was in a wreck and got injured and was down and out for little over a year. I called Alyssa and she gave me all the knowledge about what they offered. I was sold. Ready to load up right then and there. The staff at the facility are fantastic. So much knowledge and so kind. The barns are always so clean and proper. The arena is groomed so nicely. Myself and my horse were welcomed. I would highly recommend WCEST to anyone. We are on the right track to getting him healed and ready to go. Thank you so much!!!"

GAMEREADy equine

Our GameReady Equine is a dry, cold compression therapy that simulates muscle contractions and ices legs. Because of its dry sleeves, it is a perfect therapy to implement even immediately after surgery. Combined with the EQUltrasound therapy, the GameReady Equine can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Not only is it beneficial for rehabilitation, this therapy is great for a post-workout cool down. It is a portable system, and we can implement its use at our facility or bring it to you to provide comfort in a familiar setting.



Priefert Hands-Free PanelWalker

The Priefert PanelWalker uses a hands-free design for free walking injured or conditioning horses. Its low-impact, even footing and quiet function is a perfect replacement for hand-walking a stall-bound equine in a controlled and safe environment. With manual or pre-set settings, we can condition horses preparing for training with a specific exercise program. Whether it is being used for rehabilitation or conditioning, the Priefert PanelWalker is an essential part of focusing the equine mind and body.



InfraVent Therapy was developed 20 years ago in Europe and has been proven beneficial for preventing injuries, conditioning and healing. This therapeutic device improves overall fitness and conditioning, expedites healing for soft tissue injuries and reduces stiffness. Common applications include: arthritis; muscle spasms; sprains, strains and joint stiffness; post exercise pain relief

Following our prescribed program, InfraVent Therapy can provide your canine or equine partner with long-lasting positive results.



Guaranteeing safety and performance, the EQUltrasound produces a more effective and deeper action for faster recovery in the treatment of your equine or canine partner.

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FMT EQUine Rock Tape

WCEST is now proud to provide Equine RockTape application through our newly certified manager, Alyssa.FMT Equine RockTape is a state-of-the-art kinesiology tape specifically designed for the equine form. RockTape lifts the layers of dermis and helps improve circulation, increases range of motion and promotes healing while reducing pain. Alyssa has also been certified in RockTape application for riders which provides the same benefits to competitors as it does our equine partners


The TheraPlate is a revolutionary technology using Vortex Wave Circulation Stimulation to prevent and heal injuries as well as condition equine partners. By following our consistent program, this unique therapy provides a host of benefits by: increasing bone density and muscle mass; promoting foot growth, joint mobility and flexibility; healing therapy for OCD, suspensory issues and bucked shins; and offering pain and tension relief. The TheraPlate offers natural, drug-free pain relief while cutting recovery time by 50%. As a portable system, we can implement its use at our facility or bring it to you to provide comfort in a familiar setting. This innovative technology provides a non-invasive way to rehabilitate and condition horses in a relaxing manner.





Equine Sports Massage Therapy is a non-invasive, hands-on, proven therapy which reduces inflammation and pain while stimulating circulation and promoting healing. Our manager, Alyssa, has been certified through the Equissage program. This program was established over 25 years ago and has an outstanding reputation for providing their students with top-of-the-line Sports Massage training, focusing on equine and canine companions. Alyssa can provide this therapy on-site or at your home and is capable of improving the benefits of it by combining it with an Equine RockTape application.