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Congratulations to our Canine Sponsored client, Kirsten, and her owner, Terra, on her SECOND Select Bitch title at the ARF Specialty Show. We are proud to sponsor BISS GCH Wu-Tangs Kirsten Bling Diamond In The Ring TT - she's an amazing dog with an amazing work ethic!

Paralyzed dog regains ability to walk in Nevada County

By Teresa Yinmeng Liu, THE UNION,May 16, 2016

As a 4-year-old border collie, Leah typically trails owner Fran Cole around the family ranch while Cole feeds horses and goes about her daily chores, occasionally enjoying a ride or two in the back of Cole’s car when the temperature cools down.

But those simple joys vanished one evening last December. Leah disappeared for a night and the next day, Cole received a call from Brighton Greens Veterinarian Hospital after someone had dropped an injured Leah off the night before. Leah suffered a laceration across the face from what was presumed to be a kick by a deer.READ MORE . . .



Equine Sports Massage Therapy is a non-invasive, hands-on, proven therapy which reduces inflammation and pain while stimulating circulation and promoting healing. Our manager, Alyssa, has been certified through the Equissage program. This program was established over 25 years ago and has an outstanding reputation for providing their students with top-of-the-line Sports Massage training, focusing on equine and canine companions. Alyssa can provide this therapy on-site or at your home and is capable of improving the benefits of it by combining it with an Equine RockTape application.


 19600 KNEEBONE COURT Penn Valley, CA 95946


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Congratulations to our Sponsored Riding Team, Kayla and Boomer, for qualifying for the Silver State International Rodeo in Winnemucca! Kayla and Boomer placed 13th out of 47 of the best pole benders in the state to qualify for the international rodeo. This team's hard work and dedication combined with WCEST's top-of-the-line conditioning program has taken them to some pretty incredible heights. WCEST is a PROUD sponsor of this team and we can't wait to see what they accomplish next! Good luck in Winnemucca - the WCEST family will be cheering you on from Penn Valley!"

Where horses get TLC in Penn Valley

By Lorraine Jewett, THE UNION, June 12, 2016

In 2007, Cathi Mayo realized her dream of buying a young Quarter Horse colt talented enough to compete in the most prestigious cutting events.

Cutting is a physically-demanding competition in which a horse and rider team “cuts” a calf from the herd and then is judged on how well the team blocks the calf from returning to the herd.

“My horse’s right foreleg toed out slightly, which made him susceptible to tendon strains,” recalled Cathi, noting that cutting horses are elite athletes that endure bone-jarring stops and sharp, lightning-fast turns. “When he would hurt himself, the vet would prescribe six weeks of stall rest followed by six weeks of hand-walking. We did that three times, and it was frustrating.READ MORE . . .